Beyond Retro

Sometimes it is more important to discover what one cannot do, than what one can.    -Lin Yutang Like most vintage-obsessed souls, I spend an inordinate amount of time researching vintage items and oohing-and-aahing over the finds on other dealers’ sites.  Over the years, I’ve noticed a few things about myself and the type of vintage […]

New Old Coat

3 dollars + 2 hours of altering, washing by hand, and blocking = new winter coat This ’80s era JG Hook herringbone tweed coat just needed shoulder pad surgery and a thorough wash to become my new, toasty warm, winter wrap. I put a premium on finding vintage pieces that were made in the US, […]

One That Got Away

Every once in a while, I come across a vintage oddity that I am unable to sell. Perhaps the venue is wrong, maybe the price point is off, or maybe the item is so unusual that only a specialized collector would be able to appreciate the item. I often end up throwing these pieces, catch-and-release […]