One That Got Away

Every once in a while, I come across a vintage oddity that I am unable to sell. Perhaps the venue is wrong, maybe the price point is off, or maybe the item is so unusual that only a specialized collector would be able to appreciate the item.

I often end up throwing these pieces, catch-and-release style, back into the pond. I sometimes end up regretting that decision, even years afterwards, and wish that I had held onto things.

Such is the case with this western bow tie; I found it a local estate sale where I scooped up many items that have since found a new home. The lady of the house seemed to have been well-travelled and a tad eccentric.

This tie was probably made to be worn at the opening parade of the annual Pendleton Roundup in Pendleton, Oregon. There’s something a little dorky about crocheting a fashion accessory and drawing on it with a pen so that you can get dolled up for a rodeo parade- something that I can appreciate.

Alas, my impatience got the best of me: after I failed to sell the tie quickly, I got rid of it. After so many years of hunting vintage, I’m finally trying to get better about holding on to worthwhile and truly unique pieces.


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