via House and Home

Last week The Boy had a seizure, his first in almost three years. We were shocked and caught off guard and now I think my adrenal glands have shriveled up into raisins. The tiny French kind. Wait…maybe those are currants. My arms are lead. Typing this is a pain in the ass.

I’m so tired and currently wasting my life drinking copious amounts of tea and reading Emily Henderson’s blog. Featured above is the living room that should be in my home. It is white. It is clean. Little fairies will come and do the dishes, clean up all the shit that is currently strewn about my house, light a crackling fire (though we can’t see the fireplace, I WILL one to be in the room), sprinkle some jasmine and gardenia smellin’ stuff around, and pour me a nice Cotes du Rhone. And my child will never have another seizure.

Time to finish the laundry.


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