Good Reads

A few good books that I’ve read in the past few months:

Timeless Interiors: Rooms Inspired By The Past by Barbara + Rene Stoeltie

I‘ve actually read this one before, I just love it and should probably buy my own copy.

The Well-Worn Interior by Tim Whittaker

Another book that I’ve read more than once. The pictures are wonderful and some of the homes featured verge on the shambolic, you just have to ignore the oddly didactic writing style and embrace the lead-based paint flaking off into your whiskey. Included is Dennis Severs’ house, which has to be one of the most badass habitations known to mankind.

via The Telegraph

To Your Taste by Celerie Kemble

I didn’t think I would like this book but I was quickly drawn in by the eccentric styling of these interiors. This is a great book for those without a strong art/design background who are trying to learn the rudiments of how a successful interior is pulled together.

The English House by Sally Griffiths + Simon McBride

If you love England and you love having stuff in every nook and cranny of your house, you will love this book.

The Scottish House: Eclectic and Unique Interiors by Ianthe Ruthven

First of all, I might have to get another baby, or a cat, or a pygmy goat so that I can name her Ianthe. Second, I need someone to purchase a Scottish manor for me- we all need a vacation getaway.

English Country House Interiors by Jeremy Musson + Paul Barker

Mind-blowing. This book has amazing photos and features some absolutely stunning houses. It is more of an architectural history book than a decorating book.

Kingdom Come by JG Ballard

Clearly not a design book, unless you are a student of the effects of suburban wastelands on the human psyche.


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