Small and Cool

I had almost forgotten that it was time for Smallest/Coolest 2012 over at AT. Anyone else notice that it is now simply called Small Cool? I was feeling mightily underwhelmed while browsing through the entries a few days ago. Fortunately, there are now some interesting apartments turning up. I never cease to be amazed by […]

More Bedroom Inspiration

AHEM. Decorating…what did you think I meant? While doing some chores the other day, I decided to challenge myself to finding and documenting objects around the house to use as a source of color inspiration for our purple-curtained bedroom. Part of my son’s rock and gemstone collection: coppery tones, smoky topaz, icy blue, amethyst, and […]

What Is This?

J: Where did this fabric-covered book come from? Me: Uhh (nervous shuffling)…I got it at an antiques store. It’s a dictionary from the 30’s covered with tapa cloth. J: Why do we have to have so much African stuff in the house? We have this statue…we have those wall hangings over there… Me: Well, tapa […]


I had some time off and was alone over Spring Break which gave me the rare opportunity to work on household projects without interruption. While I was at IKEA picking up some strictly practical items like sheets, dish towels, and picture frames, I had an overwhelming desire to buy curtains for the bedroom- purple curtains- […]