I had some time off and was alone over Spring Break which gave me the rare opportunity to work on household projects without interruption. While I was at IKEA picking up some strictly practical items like sheets, dish towels, and picture frames, I had an overwhelming desire to buy curtains for the bedroom- purple curtains- thus creating my own First World Problem: I do not have a purple bedroom and it can be a tough color to work with so I’m basically redoing my bedroom. It was never really “done” in a deliberate sense anyway so it’s just as well.

I have always had feelings of apprehension, if not outright fear, about dark rooms because I live in a dark and gloomy place and I get depressed easily by lack of light. However, I’m starting to embrace a darker look, especially for the bedroom which my insomniac self needs to be as restful as possible.

Browsing over at Desire to Inspire this morning, a couple of looks jumped out at me. Kismet:

photo by Enrique Menossi via Desire to Inspire

I  love the heavy drape of the grey linen here, the chocolately drapes, the rich tones of the pillows and the white accents that pop. Ahhhh…

photo by Daniel Farmer via Desire to Inspire

I love the moodiness, the textures, and the color of the bed spread.

And finally this Dutch kitchen from Apartment Therapy:

via Apartment Therapy

Soo dark and yet beautiful and soothing.

Some good starting points for bringing together a dark interior.


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