More Bedroom Inspiration

AHEM. Decorating…what did you think I meant?

While doing some chores the other day, I decided to challenge myself to finding and documenting objects around the house to use as a source of color inspiration for our purple-curtained bedroom.

Part of my son’s rock and gemstone collection: coppery tones, smoky topaz, icy blue, amethyst, and touches of green.

The muted tones in these vintage reproduction postcards: stormy grey, purple, orangey-red lava.

The satiny texture and rich blue of this 40’s smoking jacket.

Taupe, celadon, amethyst, deep moss green, russet, and vintage baby blue from an old painting.

The faded and discolored purple and tarnished brass stars of a 40’s rayon dress.

I can already see several things that can be switched around and brought into the bedroom. Stay tuned…


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