Small and Cool

I had almost forgotten that it was time for Smallest/Coolest 2012 over at AT. Anyone else notice that it is now simply called Small Cool? I was feeling mightily underwhelmed while browsing through the entries a few days ago. Fortunately, there are now some interesting apartments turning up.

I never cease to be amazed by the architectural details that exist in many New York apartments. Consider the apartment featured above: the guy only has 250 square feet and has that awesome fireplace.

I also appreciate this effort:

images via AT

Yes, the bed is next to the couch, yet it is clearly a grown woman’s home, not a dorm room. There is a sort of European vibe going on there.

My family has always lived in small spaces, the tiniest being 274 square feet and the largest a two-story 1,000 square foot townhouse (never again- way too much cleaning and wasted space). Our current 2 bedroom rental is 750ish square feet. The owner of the building commented that our unit might be too small for three people and I was completely thrown off by his point of view. I think this place is pretty spacious.

As for the contest, my favorite category will always be the teeny-tinies. Most of the contestants in this category are New Yorkers and they are an inspiration- so creative and stylish in such incredibly limited spaces.

Man, I wish I had a fireplace. Vignette fail.


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