Couch Potato

The past week has been filled with extra work and activities, including a mid-week training and an extra work stint on Saturday. There was the epic closet cleanse of 2012 which resulted in a dozen bags and boxes going to charity and several trips being taken to the dumpster and recycling bins (what on earth was in those closets and how did it all fit in there?). I tried to be ruthless and I usually can be, but something had me feeling very clingy and whiny about the stupidest bits and bobs. In short, I was in a mood. My partner helped to alleviate some of the brittle crankiness with this calorie-laden delight:

Yup. Just a Gardenburger with brie, Greek olives, spinach, and mustard on rosemary sourdough with a side of thick-cut herbed fries. No biggie. My man can do these things, he has such powers. He cooks like this all the time- I can barely fit into my jeans.

One of my obligations had me out at night, a rare occurence indeed, and I was able to take some shots of the city:

This morning I attempt to fortify myself with a cup of Ethiopian coffee, courtesy of my trusty Bialetti, while I dive into reading My Marrakesh – already shaping up to be a delight and evoking so many memories of Morocco.

Spend that quality time on the couch…tomorrow is Monday.


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