Road Trip / Aurora : Part 1

We actually got out of town this weekend and headed to Aurora, the “Antiques Capital of Oregon”. Aurora is a small town of just over 900-ish residents that was founded as a Christian utopian colony. Today it is known for having an abundance of antique stores and historic buildings, many of which are white and reminiscent of New England. aurora5

white doors



blue shuttersYou’re never far from hippie business in Oregon:



treeheartOur first stop was the White Rabbit Bakery, which was cozy and clean and had great pastries.

whiterabMy partner had this mushroom and spinach quiche:

whiterab2and I had this tomato pesto galette:

whiterab3This had an amazing buttery,flaky crust and whole slices of tomato inside. Damn, it was good. Afterwards, we stopped at a garage sale where I picked up my only purchase in Aurora, this $1 bowl:

rbowlDefinitely redware…

rbowl2definitely older and handmade…

rbowl3maybe a vintage Mexican piece? It’s too much to hope that it could be American. I once found a redware plate with slip decoration that had a chip. I thought that it might be a recent reproduction so I passed it up, but at soon as I got home, I could just feel that it was actually old and I wasn’t able to go back and get it. Arghhh! I frustrate myself when I ignore my intuition.

The lady of the house also tried to sell me a rabbit. I had to decline. (Cue my son jumping up and down saying, “I want a rabbit. Can we have it? Why can’t we have the rabbit?!…”)

Part 2 tomorrow…


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