Road Trip / Aurora : Part 2

We went to several antiques stores in Aurora, but the one that blew our collective minds was Aurora Mills Architectural Salvage. Even the outside of the building is impressive:

salvage1I didn’t know anything about this place, and had no idea just how amazing it would be. Portlanders, this place makes Hippo Hardware look small. There was more than I could even hope to take pictures of…here were some of my favorite things.

Tons of industrial lights:

salvage2These amazing sawhorses (and the Sick Room paned glass!):


salvage3There were many oversized items, it is hard to convey the scale of some of them, like this farmhouse table:

salvage8which must have been about 7′ long and had the palest pink legs. Or this canoe with incredible turquoise paint:

salvage7  salvage9…and this crazy iron skillet clock that was about 3′ in diameter. These were small, a child’s set with beautiful patina:

salvage4This dough trough should be mine, mine! :


salvage5There was also this lamp made from some industrial part:

salvage6And finally these French canning jars. So big! I had my son do some hand modeling to convey the scale:

salvage10Do not come here expecting country prices: this place is only 35 minutes from Portland, their stock is impressive, and they know what they have. You will be paying full retail. Having said that, it is well worth the trip, and is easily one of the best antiques places I have been to in Oregon. My partner kept saying, “We really need to make more money…I see some stuff I need to get”.

Final installment tomorrow…




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