Road trip / Aurora : Part 3

After tormenting our child by dragging him to several stores and igniting in him a burning hatred for antiques for all eternity, we left Aurora and headed home. I’ll throw in one last beauty:

basinI love the Greek Key design, the lilac color, and the scale- the basin is nearly 2′ across. I could see this in a black and white bathroom…ahhhh.

On the way home, to prevent our son from gnawing off his own arm (you need more restaurants Aurora), we looked for food. We took a chance on a small Mexican place in Canby, and we were not wrong. We were victorious.

El Chilito, I praise your chile rellenos platter:

el chilitoHomemade escabeche, homemade salsa that called itself hot and actually kinda was (it did not pass my Dad’s “pain and tears” test, but it was pretty hot), big chiles, goopy cheese, and tortillas that seemed to be homemade. This place was homey and simple, the people were friendly, and it definitely had the crucial “Three B’s” : bueno, barato y bastante. And my personal fourth indicator of quality: styrofoam. Yes, I know it’s not eco-friendly, Portland. Give a little, get a lot. This is the real shit.

chilto2We drove home in a carb-induced stupor with memories of California in our heads. It would be worth it to go out to Canby just for that. I highly recommend this place to homesick Californians.

Here we are at the end of this trip and I hope to take some more soon. It’s good to get away from home and get some perspective.


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