Market Day

parkblocksStrolling through the Park Blocks to the PSU farmer’s market.

fmarket1This picture is just a fraction of what is there; this is the view from the center.

gbeansHella green beans. These beans were the longest I’ve ever seen, some were easily 10″. Crazy!

sblossomsWhile I was waiting to take this photo, I overheard this conversation:

Some Guy (picking up flower and waving it around): Why do people get these?

Some Other Guy (with authorative voice): Oh, they rip them up into pieces and throw them on salads.

Okay. “You think that? Act that way.” – Al Pacino as Ricky Roma, Glengarry Glen Ross

cheeseThis cheese is made by Willapa Hills cheese. We usually get the Big Boy Blue. Very tasty! I asked the nice women at the booth, “Can I take a picture of your cheese?” and they acted like I was a normal person. I’m not, trust me.


After we shopped, we stopped by Case Study for a caffeine break and some bagels. I had this onion bagel made by nuvrei here in Portland. So many onions! A properly chewy and dense bagel with a lot of flavor.

A pretty good morning, I’d say…


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