Catching Up

A few weeks ago, at one of my favorite spots, I thrifted all of this:

catchingup1The threadbare rug now lives in the kitchen; it’s a bit too large, but that’s because my kitchen is so small that any attempt to do jumping jacks would result in one hand going through the window while the other hand smashed into the fridge. The teeny blue pot is now the home of a little succulent dude that my son found rolling around on the sidewalk. The cotton fabric is actually a set of IKEA drapes that I turned into slipcovers for Poangs. The boat is one bookend; my partner thinks that purchasing this item is an act too stupid for words. The heart lives on the kitchen wall. And the lamps became this:

lampwith the addition of gesso, a very thin wash of lilac acrylic paint, and some gold paint that I added for absolutely no reason at all. I was happily slapping this mixture on the lamp bases when I noticed that it might be leaking down into the brass neck area. I have some kind of twisted fear of plugging in electrical appliances (I practically shit bricks sometimes when I have to vacuum) and I was suddenly freaked out about plugging the lamps in and turning them on, so I let them dry for an extra day until my visions of electrocution had subsided. Moving on, all is well. Coming up soon: some posts about stuff that I found on the street.

lampy   slipcover


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