My partner made these pecan scones last week. The case knife comes from his family. No baking this week, no obscure Scandinavian jazz, no English football (no yelling), no crazy dances from my son as he jumps through the room. They are out of town. I miss you guys.


These scones were made by my partner. The thoroughly obsessed may recognize this stoneware as W. Dalton Imperial in Tangerine. We found a big set at a stoop sale last weekend and it is my partner’s favorite pattern. I went through a minor aesthetic crisis over having to switch out blue dishes and I’m now […]

What Is This?

J: Where did this fabric-covered book come from? Me: Uhh (nervous shuffling)…I got it at an antiques store. It’s a dictionary from the 30’s covered with tapa cloth. J: Why do we have to have so much African stuff in the house? We have this statue…we have those wall hangings over there… Me: Well, tapa […]

via House and Home Last week The Boy had a seizure, his first in almost three years. We were shocked and caught off guard and now I think my adrenal glands have shriveled up into raisins. The tiny French kind. Wait…maybe those are currants. My arms are lead. Typing this is a pain in the […]


Yesterday was the anniversary of a very tragic event in my family. Needless to say, I had a heavy heart and a lot on my mind all day. It’s a new morning. We are still here, we are still alive, so let’s live it up, people. Rest in peace, Stephen. We won’t forget you.


October came and went in an instant. I had a visit from my sister and we went to roller derby, ate at food carts, went to Sauvie Island, drank wine and watched movies, and did lots of walking around Portland. We also went to the bins and she ended up carrying two ’60s era chairs […]

Morrissey Smackdown

Hey J—, How did the 80’s get so depressing?  The music’s either so vacant and chipper that it sends me spiraling into a raged depression or it just takes the straight forward approach and mimics any dark, sad thought I’ve generated at some point in my life.  Some people really need a Morrissey smack down […]