Catching Up

A few weeks ago, at one of my favorite spots, I thrifted all of this: The threadbare rug now lives in the kitchen; it’s a bit too large, but that’s because my kitchen is so small that any attempt to do jumping jacks would result in one hand going through the window while the other […]


These scones were made by my partner. The thoroughly obsessed may recognize this stoneware as W. Dalton Imperial in Tangerine. We found a big set at a stoop sale last weekend and it is my partner’s favorite pattern. I went through a minor aesthetic crisis over having to switch out blue dishes and I’m now […]

What Is This?

J: Where did this fabric-covered book come from? Me: Uhh (nervous shuffling)…I got it at an antiques store. It’s a dictionary from the 30’s covered with tapa cloth. J: Why do we have to have so much African stuff in the house? We have this statue…we have those wall hangings over there… Me: Well, tapa […]

A Lift

Two posts in a day- the apocalypse is nigh. A dear friend came by today and took me and and The Boy on an unexpected thrift store run. It cheered me up and I scored a red wool coat and some great knitwear, including an Esprit cardigan (I’m a total nerd for vintage Esprit…I feel […]


Yesterday I found this framed paint by numbers and picked it up for next to nothing. Although I usually pass on these nowadays, I liked the kaleidoscope of colors and I’m a sucker for anything even remotely English. I opened up the frame to clean the glass, and found this————> an offset litho by the […]

New Old Coat

3 dollars + 2 hours of altering, washing by hand, and blocking = new winter coat This ’80s era JG Hook herringbone tweed coat just needed shoulder pad surgery and a thorough wash to become my new, toasty warm, winter wrap. I put a premium on finding vintage pieces that were made in the US, […]