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pecan sconesMy partner made these pecan scones last week. The case knife comes from his family.

No baking this week, no obscure Scandinavian jazz, no English football (no yelling), no crazy dances from my son as he jumps through the room. They are out of town.

I miss you guys.


Seasons of Adorable

My partner bought me this book years ago:seasons1The illustrator, Yamato Suzuki, is clearly an unsung flippin’ genius.

seasons7I start cackling every time I read this page:

seasons2Sad little girls…

seasons5                                seasons6  Little snow ghosts!

seasons4Nothing can defeat Japanese cuteness. Nothing.


koroke1Dinner last night consisted of koroke, tofu and vegetables. My partner insists on calling these “Parmesan Crusted Fried Mashed Potatoes” but we know that they’re not. They are and can only be koroke. Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto.

koroke2Please note my feeble attempts to include salad in both of these shots (“Salad for health!”) as if it will somehow lessen the impact of the  deep frying that has occurred here. My man was born in the South and will fry anything that can’t escape. Think Scots and Mars bars. (I am actually fascinated by Southern food and highly recommend that you check out the Southern Foodways blog, it’s well worth a read.)

I’m very pleased that he attempted these because I’ve never tried to make them myself- my mother always made them for me. She tried to show me how to make them once when I was about eight; once I saw how many steps were involved, I wiped the ole mental slate clean and went outside to play with my friend.


scone1These scones were made by my partner. The thoroughly obsessed may recognize this stoneware as W. Dalton Imperial in Tangerine. We found a big set at a stoop sale last weekend and it is my partner’s favorite pattern. I went through a minor aesthetic crisis over having to switch out blue dishes and I’m now almost over it. Almost. Earth tones ignite a lot of California-related ennui inside of me.

casestudyBrazilian Fazenda Passeio beans from Case Study coffeehouse here in Portland. Amazing, smooth-ass coffee.